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Staging, Lighting, Drapes

All the world’s a stage and our solid and reliable stage designs are world class. We can build you a stage from as small as 1200mm x 2400mm right through to a stage that would fit the proverbial cast of thousands!

Staging, Lighting, Drapes

Staging. Lighting. Lecterns. Drapes. THE WORKS!

You could deliver your presentation with no props at all and rely solely on your charisma and charm… or we could arm you with all the bells and whistles! These include a great range of flipcharts, electronic whiteboards, teleconference phone systems, laser pointers, wireless presentation mice and of course contemporary lecterns for your all-important speech. We also offer a special delivery and set-up service, no point in having the right gear badly set up.

Our decks come in a range of finishes and heights to suit speeches, live bands, and even catwalks! No matter what stage your project is at, talk with our technicians today and find out what best suits your needs. Our team loves raising the bar to keep your event up to the minute with the latest trends.


Create an impact! Make a statement! Or simply just throw some light on the subject! Creative lighting design is an operational hallmark of all our major events. We pride ourselves on our ability to match any theme, through a combination of technology with insightful lighting design to totally transform your event and mesmerise your audience! To achieve this we stock an ever-expanding range of the latest in LED technology, static and moving head fixtures.


Attention, please. Lecterns will give your presenter the professional edge every time. We stock the sleek corporate range of Lectremette lecterns, which carry the facility for document lighting, dual microphone inputs and clocks. Want an uber cool look? Try our new Perspex stand with optional decal signage. All of our lecterns are transported in hard cases and, in all cases, handled with the utmost of care. No dings or scratches to detract from your speech!


Love the space but not so keen on the backdrop? Then check out our drapes! These beautiful velveteen drapes are a fast and highly effective way to change the look and feel of even the dullest indoor environments. As our consultant will demonstrate, the options are endless and the result is always spectacular! Colours include black, grey, red and blue velveteen, as well as white chiffon.